2013 is the year I audition for drama school. I’m due to graduate from the University of Sunderland with a BA in Performing Arts this July, and I’ve applied to 5 different drama schools for a 1 year post-grad degree. After reading several other very helpful blogs about the audition experience I thought it would be good to share any tips and wisdom I will gain along the way!


So a bit about me. I’m Nik, I’m almost 24, and as I’ve already said I’m a performing arts student. I first studied physiotherapy but decided after 2 years it wasn’t for me, and decided to follow my dreams. My audition dates so far are:


Oxford School of Drama, 11th Feb
ALRA, 23rd Feb
Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, 12th March
Arts Ed, 9th May

I am still waiting to hear back from Guildford.


So my monologues are picked (just need to be learnt!) and I’m in the very expensive process of booking transport and accommodation. Safe to say I am excited but very nervous! I’ll keep you all updated on how I get on 🙂




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