A few quick reviews!

Hello all, just a quick post with a few reviews of what I’ve seen lately. I’m hoping it will help get my thoughts in order for those ‘what have you seen recently?’ questions I’m bound to get at drama school interviews!


The Day After the Fair – Royalty Theatre

This is my local amateur theatre which I’m a member of, and have done a few shows with in the last two years. In the dreaded January slot, the audience was very quiet, the snow probably didn’t help either! The play itself is all set in the living room of a house – the action at the fair, etc. all happens off stage, which can get a little boring. A lot of the action was set far upstage, meaning the actors were getting blocked in a corner. However I could still hear every word from the back of the theatre, and the actors were solid throughout, particularly Helen Bowie who played Edith. And from working front of house on two nights I only heard excellent feedback from the audience. An enjoyable enough experience. 3/5.


System 28 – DUSC Dance Company

DUSC is made up of third year dance students from the university of Sunderland, and the performance is toured to schools and venues throughout the North-East. I was expecting to be bored of a one hour dance performance, but I loved it! The sections included comical and quirky looks at facebook and twitter wars, and more touching moments such as the delicate duets between long-distance lovers, symbolising the way technology brings them together. Keep up to date with the company on twitter @DUSC2012_2013. 4.5/5.


That’s it for this week, I’m off to see Goodnight Mister Tom at the Sunderland Empire next friday and can’t wait. I’ve read the book more times than I can count, and I love the film so I’m really looking forward to what the play will bring! 


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