More reviews + panic time!

A few more reviews from the last week, I’m turning into quite the theatre goer!

Glen Hansard – The Sage Gateshead

OK so this was a music gig, not theatre, but a few things worth mentioning. Firstly if ever you go to Hall 2 in the sage, DO NOT get standing seats. We got put on level 3, which you can only see the stage from the seats if you lean forward, and we were told to stand behind the seats. Couldn’t see a thing. Ended up sitting/lying on the floor for the entire thing and just listening. We weren’t even allowed to take drinks onto that level. Music was pretty good, but other than the big well-known numbers it quickly got a bit boring, all the songs being pretty similar. It’s chilled out, mainly acoustic music so not the best for a gig anyway (unless you are lying on the floor like us)! We ended up leaving about 5 songs into the encore, we had had enough by that point!


Salute Our Heroes – The Sage Gateshead

A full weekend spent at the sage! This is a cheeky one, seeing as I appeared in this with the University of Sunderland choir. Other acts included the original military WAGS choir, some solo singers, Jonjo Kerr from the X Factor (?!), military bands, highland dancers, irish dancers, bollywood dancers, and the Sage Performance Academy. Most of the show was pretty good, the dancing was excellent, although 5 bollywood songs was pushing it a bit (how come we were only allowed to do 3?!). Not particularly impressed with Jonjo Kerr, who sounded incredibly karaoke, and one of the main female singers was seriously mediocre compared to the others. The Sage Academy was a bit too cheesy for me as well! Still, I’m very proud of how our choir performed alongside the fantastic Charlie Younger, and the whole evening was a great success.


Goodnight Mr Tom – Sunderland Empire

Firstly, I LOVE Goodnight Mr Tom. I’ve read the book more times than I can count, and I’m a massive fan of the film starring John Thaw. So I was really looking forward to this. Boring set, bad staging, poor projection and diction, and overall lack of energy. The whole thing felt rushed, and mainly important elements of the story were pretty much glossed over – such as the change in William while living in the countryside (learning to read and write, bed-wetting) and the closure he gets after meeting his teachers baby.  The revealing of the London set was probably most exciting thing about it, and I dozed off more than a couple of times. However, I can’t fault the ‘animals’ in the show, such as Sammy the dog. Operated by a human as seems to be popular these days (think War Horse), but full of charm and brought some much needed lightness to the show. Think I’ll stick to the film for this one! 2/5


So thats my round up for last week. Busy times coming – I’ve been cast as the leads in two plays this week – Rosalind in As You Like It, and Catherine in Proof. Also in rehearsals playing Mrs Josephs in Blitz!, and started a silent film as part of my TV drama module – I’m really loving directing, camera operating and editing at the moment.

Finally, I travel down south tomorrow for my audition at Oxford School of Drama! I’m getting pretty nervous – I think I’ve done all I can, I know my monologues well, have good justifications for my somewhat controversial interpretations of my characters, and have answers for what I’m likely to be asked in my interviews, but I still don’t feel prepared enough! Stay tuned for a full post about the audition experience when I get back. Wish me luck!


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