ALRA Audition

So yesterday was the audition for ALRA – my first choice school. I went on an outreach audition at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre as that worked out cheaper for travel (and no accommodation needed!). So after a 5am start (yuck) I arrived in plenty time to chat to other auditionees. We were taken to a room upstairs and we got to watch a short video about ALRA, and find out about the school. After that we done a really fun physical and vocal warm up which allowed us to use parts of our contemp monologues, and we got to sing! 🙂 Next we all sat in a circle and everyone presented their contemp monologues. It was really interesting to see all different types of performances, and we also had the opportunity to perform in the round, or to use the current ALRA students who had came along to help out.

After we had all shown our contemp pieces we went back down to the cafe and were called up individually to do our Shakespeare. The whole day seemed to fly by and by 2pm we were all assembled in the room to find out who was getting recalled. I was quite pleased with my audition, it had been a fun day and I had not been affected by nerves as much as usual. I felt like I had nailed my contemp this time, but although my Shakespeare went better than it had at Oxford, I’m still not happy with it.

Time for the reading out of names – mines was not on the list. Weirdly out of the 20-25 girls that had auditioned only 1 had been recalled, and nearly all of the boys had. It felt like they had already reached their quota of girls and no more were needed! I was much more gutted about this one as it was my favourite school. Might be worth auditioning again next year if I don’t get accepted anywhere.

Speaking of next year, I’ve been having some serious thoughts about what to do if I don’t get accepted anywhere this year. I’m definitely still wanting to move away from the North East, probably to Manchester, and just try my luck in getting as much professional work as possible, while probably taking on a part-time job at the same time, or attempting to get some freelance teaching work. I’ve been working on my showreel and CV so I can look for an agent, so will just have to wait and see what the next few auditions will bring.

I have 2 weeks until my audition for Royal Welsh so I’m definitely changing my Shakespeare monologue this time, to find one I can really connect to!


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