RWCMD and Guildford

Two auditions last week – busy me!


On tuesday I had the audition for the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, handily in my home city of Edinburgh, so I knew where I was going for once! I got the train in for a leisurely 1pm, met my sister for a quick catch up and hand over of the birthday present, then walked up to Surgeons Hall for a 2pm start. There were about 12 of us there, sitting in 2 lines at the side of the room. Everyone was there for a BA apart from me. The audition panel was really friendly and chatted away before getting to start, although it was quite odd not having the chance to warm up. We performed both speeches to the panel, straight after each other. Having changed my Shakespeare monologue I was pretty happy with how they went, although I know I’ve kind of lost the passion for drama school by now. The whole thing was over in an hour.


I received an email a few days later. Thanks but no thanks. It’s getting a bit frustrating but at the same time its a bit of a relief,I’m not sure going to drama school is even the right path for me.


Then this weekend I went to Guildford. After a metro, train, two tubes, another train, and a 35 minute walk through dark, rainy Guildford I found myself at the Holiday Inn. SUCH a good idea getting a nice hotel this time, had myself a nice bath and shower, got lots of munch from the local tesco, and had a chilled out evening watching TV in bed – relaxed for the next day. We had to be there between 8.15 and 8.30, super early start, and were taken in a large group into a dance studio, where current students led a warm up. After this we were split into BA and MA, leaving about 25 of us.

Our first workshop was the movement one, which I loved. Having done contemporary dance at uni for the last 3 years I knew exactly what to expect,and feel I performed really well and confidently. We then had to do a bit of choreography – the usual make up movement from the letters of your name! We then took this into a trio and performed it to the panel. 

The next workshop was the voice class, in which we had to work on our sonnets. After doing exercises such as walking around the room reading them out, we had to present them one by one to the panel. To be honest I hadn’t done too much prep for mines, other than picking one that was relevant to me, and understanding what it meant. As we were allowed to read the sonnet from a piece of paper, most people didn’t even look up. I was very surprised, and made sure that I made contact with the panel throughout. 

After a quick break we moved rooms and done an acting workshop. We started off by playing some games and then learning a Jewish song which we had to sing in different contexts, such as being drunk, being in prayer, and being the Spartans before a battle. We then had to chose one monologue to perform – I chose my contemporary monologue, deciding about 10 minutes before to do Proof rather than Keeping Tom Nice – at least it was fresher! And I know I performed it really well. We also done a very improv exercises which I struggled a bit at – it’s been years since I’ve done improv, and I think a lot of my humour was lost in translation!

We had a lunch break while waiting on the interview list. It was such a nice bunch of auditionees, we were all sitting on the floor sharing food and having a mini picnic! A current student came and read the list out – every single boy was recalled and only 2 of the girls. Again this felt so unfair, I know a lot of the girls were better than most of the boys. I felt I had performed really well but at the end of the day there was a bit of relief as well – realising that this wasn’t what I wanted to do.


So there we have it – 4 auditions down and I’ve pretty much changed my mind. Not because of the rejections but because I don’t feel it is right for me. I don’t think its worth the money either. For the moment I am happy to put all this down to experience, and get on with getting as much work as possible. I’m getting new headshots done this week, and I’m joining spotlight with my birthday money. My showreel is in progress and I’ll be looking at agents for when I move to Manchester. This is the best option for me and I feel so much better about it. I still have the Arts Ed audition to go to in May which I’m in 2 minds about. If I can get a cheap train then I might as well go for the experience, but its not something I’m interested in right now.

I have lots going on right now for experience, including lots of shows and filming coming up, so I’m happy for now. Also have an audition for a professional corporate video next week – don’t think I really fit the casting type but might as well give it a bash, making money from acting would be much appreciated!