Life Update!

So it’s been a year since I done the rounds of drama school auditions, so here is what I’ve been up to!

I decided against going to the Arts Ed audition, I knew by then that drama school was not for me, at least not for a few years! Instead I worked hard at uni, doing lots of extra curricular stuff and getting my showreel together. Paid off when I graduated with a high 2.1 and got signed on by an agent!

Over the summer I had a few little paid acting jobs, including a commercial and a music video, then in August I started my first tour, a 3 month TIE tour of Scotland which was about road safety. It was hard work and tough being away from my partner, but it was great fun, I learned a lot, met some nice people, and got paid well!

Over November and December I worked at a Christmas event, although I had to leave before the end of contract due to ill health. It was hard to be that motivated for this anyway, as only a few of us were performers, and the company had no idea what they were doing!

In January I took on another TIE tour, this time being based at home and being team leader. Had an odd experience this time as there was one girl on the team that no one could work with, or get along with, who ended up being replaced before the end of tour! It’s certainly something I had never expected to experience on a professional production!

Since then I’ve been applying for whatever work I can. I’ve got a few auditions coming up for panto (already!) and summer shows, and I’ve also done a few student films to update my showreel. I’ve done a bit of extra work to bring in some money and to get experience of a big film set, and I’ve got a nice corporate filming next week with a lovely company.

So that’s it, life after drama school rejections! I move to Manchester next month to pursue more opportunities down there, and will hopefully get the chance to ‘upgrade’ my agent if I get higher profile work. I may revisit the thought of drama school in the future, but at the moment I’m happy to keep plugging away, earning a living from my passion. And hey, there’s always weekly classes right?



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